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  • Ariane Stevenson

Why it's important to call instead of texting....

Updated: Jul 28

With today's technology and access to all sorts of apps it is so much easier to just send a quick text or click the "is this still available button"! Which in turn makes things so much harder and more complicated then just a simple conversation in person over the phone.

Here's why....Two people can spend hours texting back and forth that sometimes details in a property can be hard to explain or communicate, making a texting back and forth becoming very frustrating and wasting time for both parties in the end due to poor communications which could be misleading or misinterpreted. A phone call allows both parties to ask questions and communicate things that may be harder to explain on text, a conversation can be quickly be elaborated or shut down without time wasted.

Another factor to add to all of this....Robots....there are more and more robots, scammers and fake accounts now then there was in the past making it very dangerous for two people trying to conduct business.

Rental scams are very real and very active....this is why we like to speak to all of our potential tenants over the phone first, then if we feel its the right fit a showing of the property is booked in with an in-person viewing, no video calls and no persons representing the potential tenant. We want to meet you in person.

Next time you are looking for a property to rent, please take the time to read the ad in full and follow the directions in the ad to contact the person renting the property.

If you cannot talk to a person on the phone or book a viewing in person, most likely it is a scam and once you etransfer your deposits you will never get your money back.

Take the time to book a call in, it's so important.

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