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"Having Ariane manage our property has been a true blessing, she has far exceeded my expectations.  A complete professional.

The greatest thing for me is that I don't have to worry about anything, she handles it all.  Ariane is truly the best at what she does"

-Jason A.

February 2012

"My company has been in business for many years, and I have had many real estate portfolios and I have found Ariane to be an exceptional property manager.  Ariane has the ability to attend to every detail in managing whether the details are small or large.  The other matter I have appreciated was the accounting and reporting system.  The reporting was done on a monthly basis and also for the year end.

I would recommend Ariane and her staff in managing their real estate portfolio and potential investments.

It has been a pleasure dealing with her and her staff"

-H.J Rempel Ind. Ltd

RDG Management Ltd.

April 2019

"When you live thousands of miles away from your property as I did, you want peace of mind that whatever happens will be taken care of professionally, swiftly and with personal care.  Ariane always provided me with peace of mind and I'd highly recommend her."

- Steve Hamilton-Clark

November 2021

 "We bought a property in Kelowna around 2008 and we have had very little issues in regards to renting this property.  Ariane Stevenson knows her job and does it very well.  She has always kept us informed and has our best interest at heart.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a property manager. 

Thank you Ariane for all that you do !!"

-Harry D.

November 2021

"Ariane has been the best property manger that we've experienced, in the past 20 years of owning rentals.  We have multiple units that she manages for us incredibly well.  She's diligent in looking after issues that come up and we have peace of mind knowing she excels in her work.  Thanks Ariane!"

- Jim and Bonnie Clarke

November 2021

"A property management professional requires planning, organization and interpersonal skills in order that prospective renters are introduced to properties that are a right fit for them and the owner. Ariane managed my property since 2015, during which time it was managed diligently and very professionally. For that reason I would highly recommend her to an owner looking for a property manager focused on protecting and optimizing returns on their investment"

-Brian Lochansky 

December 2021

Decade Club.   For over 10 years I have relied on Ariane to manage a property in Kelowna.  I do not live in Kelowna so Ariane manages the maintenance issues that inevitably arise, and conducts the search and assessment of new tenants.  I appreciate that.  Also, the monthly and annual documentation (financials and invoices) is perfect for record-keeping.  That also is important to me.  Thank you.


December 2021

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